Our kids are home!

Joel and I had the privilege of working with The Lab, our youth group, back at our home church in Tracy, CA. We didn’t necessarily start out wanting to begin a youth group but we loved the teens and saw a need and were able to take over what a sweet friend had been slowly growing for a season (we didn’t steal them for it – she graciously handed her responsibilities over to us).

I realized we were all in after the first summer retreat that we planned for the teens. Joel had been working with them off and on before then but my love of planning events kicked in and after a few nights in the mountains with everyone, we were both hooked. Every year since then, we’ve held a summer retreat for The Lab and it’s been one of our favorite weeks of the summer. Our move to Haiti actually didn’t happen until we could fulfill our commitment that we had already made to take the crew to Tahoe for the week. Have I mentioned how amazing our youth group is?! Seriously – some of the best peeps ever.

Well this year, they’ve come to us! I’m so grateful to be able to say, “our kids are all home!” another time as we share our lives here with them for the week. I know they’re here to serve and learn but honestly, it feels like the most extravagant gift to have them all sitting on my couches again!!

If ever you’ve felt the urge to serve in your church, jump right in. You never know how the people you serve will overwhelm your heart with love beyond your wildest dreams. Excuse me now… I’ve got lots of catching up to do!

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