Who Can Stop the Lord Almighty?

IMG_1817If you’ve hung out with me over the past couple years or we’ve worshipped alongside each other, you’ve heard me singing, Bethel Music and Leeland’s song, Lion and the Lamb.

I’ve found myself singing the simple bridge to this all morning Who can stop the Lord Almighty? The lyrics were adapted from the passage of scripture in Isaiah 14 where God shows compassion to his servant Jacob by reassuring him that the people of Israel are His chosen people and that He plans to clear their nation and lands of long-standing enemies, slavery ,tyranny and abuse. God finishes off this guarantee by posing the question, For the Lord Almighty has purposed, and who can thwart him? His hand is stretched out, and who can turn it back? Isaiah 14:27

I think it’s a fitting anthem and question that always illicits the same reponse as our family celebrates our 1 year Haitiversary this week. There is no thing and no one who can stop the Lord Almighty’s plan of action for His people. This past year has been evidence of that day after day. One year ago, we got rid of most of what we owned, left our wonderful friends and church family behind in California — to follow the Lord’s call to serve as missionaries at God’s Littlest Angels (GLA) in Haiti. God helped us to keep our eyes fixed on what He promised us would be the adventure of a lifetime for our family and there’s not been one day where He’s ever disappointed us. Everyday, we continue to see His beauty and protection over our lives and work here.

The ways and timing with which the Lord has continued to shower His favor and blessings over our family has left Ingrid, Owen, Ella and I so very humbled to serve in this place; at this time. We’ve forged such strong bonds with all of the GLA children and the nannies that help us care for them and we love that God has continued to give us ample opportunities to bless each of them according to their needs.

When we need encouragement, someone sends us the perfect words. When we need donations to support the children and Haitian staff at the Toddler House, they always show up in a suitcase at the perfect time. When we need rest, our little fellowship of amazing friends here, who love Jesus more than they love us, have made sure to help us relax and take a break. We know all of those blessings come from the Lord Almighty. His purpose, and provision can not be stopped even when the enemy rages against us with petty adversity, cheap accusation, division and discension.

Today more than any time in my life, I am renewed with certainty and joyful beyond sentiment that the promises of God, through the work of Jesus are the only thing worth standing on. They never give way because He is the Lord Almighty. That is a certainty that we love sharing with one another and a Good News that we love spreading!

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