Dance Moves at Just the Right Time

Our family recently celebrated Valentine’s Day with the GLA Toddler House kids. Ingrid had worked hard to make fun Valentines from the both of us to all of the kids as well as for every nannie, cook and teacher that works alongside us each day. Everyone was so excited to receive that little gift and a sweet treat but surprisingly, it wasn’t the highlight of the day.

We’d recently watched the movie, Trolls with all of the kids and they have been jammin’ to that soundtrack for over a week. Every time we play the main track, Can’t Stop the Feeling, by Justin Timberlake, the kids start pulling out the dance moves. I love watching it…and yes…I almost immediately start dancing too. Check out some of our sweet dance moves from that fun day here!

Lately, the music always seems to come at just the right time. When we’re frustrated, annoyed or disappointed, those beats start coming through our little portable speaker and the fun seems to make the downers of the day lose their grip.

All of that has pulled me back to the scripture verse, Romans 5:6 which says, You see, at just the right time when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly.

First of all, if that’s not a reason to dance, I don’t know what is. But what I love the most is the implication given in the verse.

God timed his rescue of my heart perfectly. Had anyone else tried to carry out a plan of restoration and redemption for me, it would have failed miserably. But God knew exactly the right way and He used the perfect sacrifice, His Son, on my behalf; and He set it all in motion and carried out His battle against my sin, death and the devil at just the right time.

That reminder for me takes all of the pressure off. It reminds me again today that there is no amount of my own performance or posing that could fix my or anyone else’s brokenness. The Lord’s grace and love makes me want to dance – plain and simple! I’m reminded that first and foremost, I am called to love the Lord and to bring His love into every circumstance with every person. Whether people receive that or when they receive it, isn’t up to me – and that’s a dance-worthy thing too! Because I know that the Lord is working and that at just the right time, He’ll do what He needs to do to be recognized for who He is by every single person. And I hope that when they see them for who He really is, that they can’t help but break out some of those funky dance moves.

the new, the strange, the funny

I know that we’ve been here 5 months and that maybe I should be used to it by now but, I am daily astounded at how different each day here is; the challenges, the work, the emotions, the weather! Every day is a completely out-of-left-field mashup of different circumstances that collide to make a day full of the new, the strange, the funny. Just this morning I rolled out of bed and my foot made direct crunchy-squishy impact with formidable cockroach on the floor. I had cockroach guts on the bottom of my foot and it actually splattered onto my other foot…it was really juicy. The comedy that ensued of the kids running around to grab paper towels for me with Ingrid laughingly yelling at them to hurry up and deliver them to me was like something out of a Everybody Loves Raymond episode.

I’ve found that I really love the new, the strange and the funny  parts of living in Haiti with Ingrid and the kids. And I could fill chapters with those kinds of stories already. In all of this, I think God is reminding us to focus on loving one another day by day, one episode at a time; to delight in the beautiful, abnormal and silly moments He gives us, even if they’re only for a few seconds.

And because it’s a daily occurrence that the Lord loves to show us something unimaginably new about Him, His creation and His heart for us, I suppose I also ought to quit being surprised that every one of those joys are opposed by the enemy. Case and point, every time I attempt to plan well for the day in front of me, I’m reminded of the old Marine Corps adage that “no plan ever survives first contact with the enemy”.  It’s so easy to roll into each day and make the agreement that, “It’s all up to me and today I’ve got to check off some things on my to-do list.”

I’m thankful that Jesus lovingly but firmly reminds me daily that it’s not all up to me; that He is greater than the challenge and the change of plans; that He is stronger than the opposition — and most of all ,that He wants deeply for me to see His Work, His Life, His Triumph amidst all of the new, the strange and yes…in the absolutely funny.