Church Near and Far With Friends

Today we were able to worship at our friends’ home church. It seemed fitting that our first day at this home church was the same day that our sending church, St. Paul’s, is celebrating its’ 125th anniversary. Our hearts are missing our church in California and the chance to celebrate the rich history with all of those friends who so quickly became framily to us. After all, it’s that congregation that helped send us to Haiti and has supported us every step of the way.

But there is something about gathering with 40 something new-ish friends and having church together in a living room that made my heart feel so at ease and refreshed (it felt like squishing the St. Paul’s night service into someone’s house – I love that thought!).  As I looked around the room watching this group of expats sing their hearts out and listen intently to the message, I couldn’t help but wonder if St. Paul’s had started in a similar manner 125 years ago?  And as we dove into a delicious potluck after church, it oddly made me feel connected to the catered luncheon that was happening a few time zones away to celebrate St. Paul’s milestone.

I’m not sure if you made it to church today, or if you’ve made it to church yet this year. I hope you come to know the joy of finding a place of worship where your heart feels at home. Where the traditions and technology, don’t drown out the message of the gracious love of Jesus but rather enhance it. And where Jesus’ love is the central theme. The Lord knows our world can always use more of his love and kindness.

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them. Matthew 18:20